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Free Nexus 7 Giveaway

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Score a Free 32GB Nexus 7 + Logitech Gamepad

The guys and gals over at TechnoBuffalo have teamed up with Nvidia to create a little weekly event called Tegra Tuesday. Basically, awesome tech related giveaways once a week. This week you could win a brand new 32GB Nexus 7 plus a wireless gamepad from Logitech. TechnoBuffalo uploaded a short video that explain how it [...]

Free iPad Mini

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Free iPad Mini Giveaway (2013) (Ends Sept 30)

We’re celebrating GoGadgetGiveaway’s 3rd year anniversary! It’s been a steady climb and we’re so happy to be able to give back. This giveaway will also mark our third in-house giveaway. We like to go big! Our first giveaway was an iPad, our second was a MacBook Pro and finally, this giveaway one lucky winner will [...]

Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino T350

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Headphone Giveaway: Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino T350

These aren’t just any pair of headphones. The Ferrari by Logic3 Cavallino line offers top notch headphones and the T350 are at the front of the list. These luxurious headphones are inspired by Farrari’s craftmanship, stunning leather and perfected metal surfaces. CoolMaterial is giving the T350 to one lucky winner on Twitter. Head on over [...]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Giveaway

 /  Mobile Cell Phones  /  5 Comments

Win a Free Samsung Galaxy S4 from TechQuark.com

Wouldn’t you love to get your hands on this stunning smartphone? The Samsung Galaxy S4 sports a massive and very impressive Full HD display with the horsepower to handle the most demanding applications. TechQuark.com is giving away this Samsung Galaxy S4 (international version) to one lucky winner on June 30. To enter go HERE and [...]

Free MacBook Pro

 /  Computers  /  1 Comment

A Father’s Day MacBook Pro Giveaway

Hey! Father’s Day is just a week away and what better way to show your appreciationfor him than give him a gadget that no guy can refuse. Pawngo has the giveaway this time. Pawngo is an online loan service that seems to offer a much better experience than those old walk-in pawn shops. They’re celebrating [...]

free iPad Mini

 /  Computers, TV & Video  /  28 Comments

Enter to Win an iPad Mini + Apple TV from i-adapters.com

June is here and with the start of any month comes an endless supply of giveaways to enter. We’ve plucked this one from the bunch and it’s surely won’t disappoint.  i-adapters.com is a free online storefront that offers (you guessed it) adapters and accessories for the latest portable consumer gadgets made by Apple. Throughout the [...]

Free iPad Giveaway

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Drink Water and Win a Brand New iPad 2

When’s the last time you felt tired, dizzy, lightheaded or had dry skin or a headache? These are common to many problems but it may be caused by something as simple as a lack of water! So what’s this leading up to you ask? A giveaway of course. First 5 and Santa Clara County Dental [...]

Free HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook

 /  Computers  /  9 Comments

Take Home a HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook Courtecy of GadgetReview

GadgetReview needs nothing more than it being the middle of May to hold a giveaway. The prize for this outstanding giveaway is a premium laptop from HP. The HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook ($1200) or more specifically, model 14-3210nr, has more than enough power to handle all the usual tasks and then some. There are 8 days [...]

Garmin NUVI 2597 LMT

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Get a Brand New Garmin NUVI 2597 LMT GPS Navigator

When you think of Garmin, what comes to mind? I’m sure your response would be, GPS navigator. When I see a car with a small screen on the dashboard not only do i think “lucky..” but “probably a Garmin.” It’s no coincidence, Garmin’s been leading the personal GPS market for years. TwoClassyChicks.com have a nice [...]

Free HDTV Giveaway

 /  TV & Video  /  1 Comment

Free Toshiba 40-Inch HDTV from MobStub

MobStub is a deal site much like LivingSocial or FAB. Focusing their deals on jewelry and clothing, MobStub presents themselves as a service that offers “Exclusive Deals On National Brands And Specialty Boutiques.” They are currently running one heck of a giveaway on their Facebook page. One winner will get to choose from three prizes, [...]

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