Rabbids Invasion becomes the # 1 show on Chinese television

Lundi 15 octobre 2018 – Los Angeles, USA, October 15, 2018 – Today, Ubisoft announces that the alliance with China CCTV and iQiyi has been renewed and the new station – which includes TV Tokyo and Disney XD Japan – has been confirmed for the transmission of the animated series Rabbids Invasion, to take the irreverent Rabbids to new audiences throughout Asia. UBisoft also announces that Rabbids Invasion became the # 1 * children’s show, the most watched and with the more positive reviews of Chinese television, with more than 2 billion views through Chinese digital platforms, by the end of the summer season of 2018.

“Rabbids Invasion was our first big foray into animated series. We are delighted that it has resonated in so many audiences and that it has had international success, “says Hélène Juguet, general director of the Ubisoft Motion Pictures studio in Paris. “Rabbids Invasion is a series that easily adapts to different markets and audiences and that has attracted the partners we are working with to launch the series in new territories.”

Rabbids Invasion is developed internally in the studios of Ubisoft Motion Pictures in Paris, with a fourth season that will be broadcast in France through France Télévisions. The fourth installment will soon be available on Netflix for international audiences and through iQiyi in China.

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